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Welcome to Cal Porxo website, a very special rural house, from where you can enjoy the surroundings, the landscape and culture of Priorat.

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Cal Porxo offers you the best gastronomic products of the Priorat

Activities from Cal Porxo

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    Excursions on horseback

    19/02/2013 17:00 - 19/02/2016 17:00

    Take advantage of your stay at Cal Porxo and take a trip on horseback with your family or group of friends.

    PikDame, is one of horse racing facilities in the province where you can enjoy horse riding, excursions on horseback, strolling with pony and other interesting activities.


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    New On-line Country Shop

    06/06/2011 09:00

    Our country shop is also on line.

    You can buy the best gastronomic products of Priorat in our virtual country shop.

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